Our ideology:

At Hyatt Computer, we believe information technology is a service industry first.  Our pledge to you is to provide honest and productive advice, quality hardware and exceptional customer service in all cases.  We believe customer satisfaction is paramount.


Partners with our clients:

Time and materials IT consultants (aka "break/fix business model" consultants) only get paid when there is a problem that has to be fixed.   This presents conflicting interests.   We provide affordable managed solution packages that allow you to have a more stable and predictable IT budget.  We share a common goal of wanting your systems to run as smoothly as possible.


Data is the one thing that cannot be replaced:

Hardware is replaceable, data is not.  Data is your most important asset and we treat it as such.  We have extensive systems in place to make sure data is never inadvertently lost.


We offer a conservative approach to technology:

Small businesses shouldn't be beta testers for Microsoft products.  We like to tinker with new technology, of course, but it's not appropriate to use in a working environment.  We only roll out new operating systems and other software after initial issues are discovered and addressed.


Affordable solutions:

We're a small business, too, so we know how important it is to control costs.  We provide a quality service at an affordable price.

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